COVID-19 / Coronavirus 2020

COVID-19 CoronaVirus My Spine & Joint

Rest assured, we are taking necessary steps to ensure you’re entering a safe and clean environment. If you feel the need to limit your exposure, please feel confident in staying home and avoiding contact with others. We’re here for you now, and we’ll be here for you when you’re feeling ready & comfortable later! Be well.

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These last couple weeks feel like none other I have ever experienced in my 7 years as a healthcare provider. We continue to operate with a full staff and will remain open to see patients under normal business hours. We are also monitoring the latest news about COVID-19 and continue to perform our normal procedures to protect our patients that include:

–              Prominently place disinfectants throughout your clinic for patients’ hands.

–              Removing magazines from your waiting areas.

–              Wipe down the waiting room surfaces, common areas and doorknobs hourly

–              Use gloves during treatment

–              Perform a daily deep clean

–              Screening patients prior to arrival and as they enter the practice

We have increased the frequency of disinfecting any other objects that patients or staff members come in contact with including door handles, toilet handles, the handle to our front door, keyboards and mice, touch screens on electronic devices and any buttons on devices such as printers and our water dispenser.

We all came to this work with the desire to help our patients live healthier and happier lives and we view what we do as a craft and profession, not a job.

Our time caring for our patients has a rhythm.

This year, the rhythmic cycle of caring for you has been interrupted by the pandemic spread of COVID 19, the latest Coronavirus. We fully support the decisions made by the Florida Department of Health.

Yet, I must admit, we are already missing our patients. Over the coming weeks, we will be eagerly awaiting the return of our patients who will still need our help getting back to what matters most in their lives.

In the meantime, we will continue to figure out how to support our patients beyond chiropractic care. Over the next several days, our team will be working together to figure that out.

During this time, we will be communicating with you on a frequent basis to let you know how we can support our patients that are in pain and need our care. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary. Our patients, employees, and community will always remain our first priority.…/one-disease-two-causes-one-cu…/

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