5 Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump

It happens to almost all of us: between 12:30pm and 2pm we start getting sluggish. You may feel as if you’re moving through a fog or in slow motion. You may find you have difficulty concentrating. You may even doze off for a bit.

Energy drink commercials target this time of the day, claiming that drinking one of their products can get you through this period. But there are other ways to get through the afternoon slump without consuming a ludicrous amount of caffeine and sugar. Here are five natural ways to beat the afternoon slump.

Avoid Sugar and Caffeine

The last thing you should do is consume sugar and caffeine if you’re feeling tired. They may give you energy, but it will be short-lived. Once you crash you’ll wind up feeling worse than before.

We’re not saying a cup of coffee or tea won’t pick you up – because they do. But an energy drink, soda, sports drink or a candy bar isn’t the solution to your problem.

You’ll find that once you cut back on these two things, you’ll have more energy. And, just so you know, a cup of tea or coffee can satisfy your craving for sugar and caffeine without making you crash.

Have a Balanced Lunch

A balanced lunch is not just vegetables.

Vegetables are good for you. But they also get digested fast. You should have protein along with your vegetables to keep you fuller longer.

Lean meat is the best type of protein. If you’re vegan you can eat any type of nuts or nut butter. Tofu is also a great source of protein.

You should also have fruits. You don’t necessarily need a carb, like bread, but if you must have a carb stick to fruit.

The best type of lunch is balanced and light. So eat soup, salad, or peanut butter, celery and raisins. Just make sure that your lunch isn’t laden with oils or is fast food. This makes you feel sluggish and slow.

Take a Walk

In order to get your energy going you can take a walk after lunch.

This helps you to start digesting and it gives you a boost of energy. It does’t have to be a fast walk either. A leisurely 10 minute walk can do wonders for your energy level.

If it’s too cold outside, you can try walking up a flight or two of steps, or taking a walk around your floor. Anything to get you moving is a good way to push away that sluggish feeling.

Drink Some Water

Water can give you energy, especially cold water. Your system is forced to heat up cold water so that it can digest it. This wakes up your metabolism, giving you more energy.

Eat an Ounce of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a healthy way to get in something sweet and get an energy boost. But you shouldn’t eat just any kind of dark chocolate. Stick to organic dark chocolate.

Organic dark chocolate only has two ingredients: cacao and cane sugar. This is the best type of chocolate to give you energy. You can even find chocolate that is just 100% cacao without any added sugar.

The reason you need organic chocolate is because you don’t want to absorb chemicals with your chocolate. These chemicals are found in most chocolate brands. In order to get the antioxidants and nutrients that give you energy, it’s best to stick to one serving of organic dark chocolate. It perks you right up and it has other health benefits too.

You don’t need to resort to energy drinks to get through the afternoon slump. You can beat it if you avoid the wrong foods, eat the right ones, get some exercise and drink some cold water.