Community Events

My Spine & Joint Celebrating 2 Years!

Thursday, January 24th

6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Dr. Michael McPherson and Staff welcome you to join us as we celebrate 2 years of serving South St. Petersburg with Injury and Health Solutions.

Check out the photos from the event!
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The USA Opioid Crisis –

Where Do We Go From Here?

26 SEP 2017

Behind closed doors across the country, many lawmakers, health leaders, community members and those whose have lost a loved one to opioid use are collectively sharing stories and trying to come up with solutions to save the next life in peril due to the grip of opioid drugs. 

The Opioid Crisis is front and center in world news, and is a USA pandemic affected millions of your neighbors, family, friends and maybe even you!  Where does it end? What can be done? READ MORE.

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